September 7th, 2011

Android Post of Awesome

I was going to say something about why I haven’t posted here in forever, but really, who cares, right? I had the worst summer of my life and don’t really have anything good to say, so let’s just move on.

Instead of talking about my summer, let’s talk about Android apps! I’ve started to leave a few comments about this in various places, but it turns out that I have so many feelings about this that I rapidly outgrew character limits on comments, plus I figured that it couldn’t hurt anything to have this all archived neatly somewhere.

So, phones. Right now I’ve got an HTC EVO; before this, I had an HTC Hero, which I’ve since given to Nick. Before I go any further, I should probably do the obligatory disclaimers: I really, really love my phones, and I use them constantly, and I’m way more invested in them than I probably ought to be. I’ve used iPhones and don’t especially like them, plus I super hate iTunes and the “Apple Experience”, so I’m not at all interest in hearing comments about iPhones being better or whatever. Go make your own post about iPhones. (That said, if you’re thinking about switching to Android and would like to say “My iPhone does this–can I make an Android do that?” I’m totally happy to talk about that, and I’m happy to talk about apps with platform overlap.)

Also, this is all just my opinion–I don’t know everything about Android, and I’m sure that there are many really useful, awesome things that I’m missing, but since I’m missing them, I’m not talking about them. Feel free to edify me–nicely–in the comments. (Remember what I said about the worst summer ever? Seriously, please be nice.)

Anyhow, biases admitted up front. Moving on.

This post is, as it turns out, super fucking long, so I’m sticking the rest of it under a cut so those of you who have iPhones/Blackberries/hate cell phones and eschew modern technology don’t have to read about it.

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May 26th, 2011

Garden Layout

garden layout

Last weekend, I finally managed to get my garden put in. After the stunning failure of last year’s garden, I decided not to start my own seeds this year, but to go buy a bunch of plants and see what happened. So I went off and spent about $25 on plants, and then I spend eleven hours over the course of two days planting things, mulching things, and getting sunburnt.

I know. My life is pretty glamorous.

Pictures of the garden coming shortly, but for the moment, the above is a more-or-less accurate diagram of what was planted where.

1 Sage
2 Thyme
3 Rosemary
4 Basil
5 Oregano
6 Druzba Tomatoes
7 Moskvich Early Tomatoes
8 Oxheart Tomatoes
9 Oxheart Tomatoes (not an error–I accidentally made both eight and nine Oxhearts.)
10 Granny Smith Tomatoes
11 Sun Sugar Tomatoes
12 Beefmaster Tomatoes
13 Black Krim Tomatoes
14 Yellow Pear Tomatoes
15 Banana Peppers
16 California Wonder
17 Black Beauty Eggplant
18 Lettuce
19 Purple and orange cauliflowers
20 Yellow Doll Watermelon
21 Butternut Squash
22 Zucchini
23 Stonehead Cabbage
24 Brussels Sprouts
25 Bush Pickle
26 Strawberry

If I manage to find time this weekend, I have a few pumpkins and some dill that I’d still like to put in, but even if they don’t make it (and, let’s be honest, they’re probably not) I feel pretty good about the garden.

I expect that’ll last for a month or two–right about until all my plants start dying horribly. But for the next month or so, I’m totally an awesome gardener, and I’ve got a diagram to prove it.

November 9th, 2010

Cheese Fairy

I’ve been quiet lately–not for any real reason, but just because I’ve been feeling quiet. Sometimes it’s like that. You understand.

What’s broken my seclusion, then? I’ve been visited by the cheese fairy.

[pretend there is a picture here. a picture of someone from Wisconsin, maybe, or France. someone who has wings and is carrying a wand that has a wedge of cheese instead of a star at the tip. this person is the cheese fairy, and they are good.]

And it’s not any cheese–it’s fancy cheese. This cheese, to be precise.

Upon receiving it, I did what any sensible person would do, which was to rip open the package, make a joyous noise, and then promptly eat half a wheel of Cirrus for supper. (Obviously, right? I mean, that’s definitely what you guys would do, too, isn’t it?) Then the next day I made mushroom and pea risotto and mixed in a little more of the Cirrus.

Then there were a few sad, cheeseless days, and then I ate half a round of Seastack for supper. Nick ate some of the Trailhead that night, plus some super-delicious cheddar. Sometimes making a real meal is hard, and sometimes it’s just that cheese is really delicious. Stop judging me, okay?

(Yes, fine, I just read that New York Times article about cheese, and I’m feeling a little defensive. Leave my cheese alone.)

I didn’t order it, and the cheese didn’t come with a note or anything, but I figured that some generous soul had sent it to me–it wouldn’t be the first time something like that’s happened. I fired off an email to the usual suspect when the cheese arrived, but as she was gone for the weekend, I happily ate my cheese, assuming that it was her doing. So imagine my shock when she returned and informed me that no, actually, she didn’t send me anything.

I don’t actually have an ending to this story. You’re expecting a clever plot twist now, but there’s nothing. Maybe it was an elf, or Livia has an alternate personality who enjoys sending people anonymous cheese, or maybe–dare I say it?–maybe the cheese fairy is real.

I don’t know where the cheese came from, and I don’t know why it came to me. I do, however, know where it’s going to end up: in my belly! I think we can all agree that that’s a happy ending.

(Cheese fairy, if you’re out there, speak up so I can thank you proudly. Or don’t, but know that I’m very grateful. Thank you!)